albion moonlight

by albion moonlight

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the debut album from albion moonlight.

cassettes available from Sunroom Recordz & Salon:

the latest blues
blockbuster, opening
i feel asleep in a shark tank
woke up with
a school bus
my back
keep the wolf feed
he's a friend
would not expect
but always wanting
a little


released February 3, 2015

all songs written, preformed, and recorded by trace cox.
mastered by derek schultz.



all rights reserved


albion moonlight San Francisco, California

making sounds for rusty bones

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Track Name: into (california 4)
you ran away
down that gold coast
chasing the sun
Track Name: light creeps
carve out a mold to fit in
face paint, a cartoon villain
we live in the devil's town
can't seem to walk around without
the chemicals in me

tuck in my shirt and comb my hair
all prim and proper
trying to find a husband
i want to live long and be prosperous
i'm perspiring
my mind's retiring

as we watch the light creeps out of bounds

shouting matches you're alway winning
your spit seethes in crystal clarity
your bile prism, snake charmer
fairly certain i won't wake dearly
i won't wake up

as we watch the light creeps out of bounds
Track Name: fake out
i wish someone could make a case
for how i could stop from losing my face
pull a knife on you for your last ten bucks
shit i guess i kinda like the rush
see diamond eyes walking down the street
try to get attention while still being discreet
feel blood rushing to my head from my feet
sweet sticky viscera a visceral feast
dirty hands
dirty mind
dirty speak
spark a cigarette and walk on by
i've got the whole world on my mind

i need a way down
give me a hand out
give me a back door
i'll slip quietly out

what do i know about love?
what do i know about him?
what do i know about girls?
i know enough to alway get my hand bitten

i hear the squeal of a pig stuck for slaughter
try to remember how we're all sons and daughters
in a city so indifferent to the colors
all grey and black
all smother

i need a way down
give me a hand out
give me a back door
i'll slip quietly out
Track Name: ghost ship
what i lack for comfort
i make up in graves
digging up inspiration
from the dirt where i lay

the ghosts of my brothers
their self destructive ways
echo lonely stories sordid
soaked in sweat and shame

but i'm ok

my jaw clenched tighter
than a tripped bear trap
you reach across to touch me
my instinct to pull back

the ghosts of my sisters
who's voices softly paint
the pinkish hues at sunset
that make each breath

but i'm ok

i want to be inscrutable
sometime i want to think
i don't want to leave my body
just turn the world down and sink

solitude inside a crowded city
a crowded home
sometimes i just don't want to
feel so all alone

but i'm ok
Track Name: imperceptible
smoke peals back softly
over the ever present peak
the almost imperceptible
flame flickering
the black curtain of night

thunder boom
shake loose
frosted clumps

a cold clean through to the marrow

scents beckoning
come down
familiar comforts lie
in wait

consumption sought by
lizard brain lothario
noir anxiety in blacks and greys

red cheeks
needle point bruises
constricted pupils
blood drawn from a skeleton
Track Name: blanket of fear
here below
blanket of fear
drained of all its cheer

can we come
to a conclusion
most people are
so deluded

pick a white rose
out of his black hair
he is soft
hands of grandeur

he's uncovered skin
finding joy in
private movements

he is belly
full to bursting
he is never
feeling thirsty

take our place among the shadows
if we don't fight these battles

and i'm always running scared
there is fire, fire everywhere

walled into the brick house of impurity
ruled by the physics of absurdity
you're absurd to me
Track Name: best daze past
my earthquake it was
way back when
couldn't understand
the words you were trying to use
i shiver and i shake
coughing blood red flakes
it was a mistake
to use use use you
abuse is one way
to live about your days
i'm up in my tree
the foliage hides me
i look you deep in the eye
you're gone, you're gone
what a surprise

i'm a goner to

in your green dress
you shake and jive
get all dolled up
let's go for a ride
push the pedal in
pushing one ten
my camera lens
facing the highway
it's sad to watch your best days pass
without a laugh
i can be so stern and serious sometimes

you always were the best one
(dressed in white)
you always were the best one
(your hand gently touching my side)

i planted a bird on to your chest so you'd remember me
but when i left i flew out of your head
i didn't see you again 'till two thousand and ten

but it was to late
i was drunk and making bad decisions again
but it was to late
you're out there in the world in another time and place
but it was to late
i was drunk and making bad decisions again
but it was to late
you're drunk and you're staring at the stars from another place

i've always been fascinated by human anatomy
the way my bones felt inside of me
when you said that you were through with me
the way your skin felt close to me
though it was not preordained
god knows it was not supposed to be

you said come here and just hold me
but no funny business please
lets just go to sleep
Track Name: the bombs fall
when the bombs fall
Track Name: black tangled mass
how do you like me?
bottled up lightning
i'm frightened by most things
awkward silence, when the phone rings

what if we tried it?
just sitting here in silence
i crane my head discreetly
kiss your lips sweetly

what would you do with me?
what would i do with you?
we're just two little peas
lost at sea

I couldn't get out last night
to meet you downtown
i just couldn't get myself out of bed
i don't know
these days i just lay around

i've got my remedies
to get me to sleep at night
i've got remedies
to ease my mind

what would you do with me?
what would i do with you?
we're just two little peas
lost at sea

i've been a sinner for twenty seven long years
they say i can get better
holy water
it's all smoke a mirrors

would if i could feel some warmth in my chest
would if i had a heart instead of this black tangled mass

what would you do with me?
what would i do with you?
we're just two little peas
lost at sea